Feeling low?

Need a booster shot?
Facing temptation?
Need to feel the presence of God?
Need a reminder of God’s power?


Are you curious of what Jesus Christ can offer you?

You’ve already lost so much,
What else is there to loose?
You were NEVER made,
For all this abuse…

No matter what has happened to you,
No matter what was said.
No matter what you have done,
No mater the depths you’ve been.

There is One,
That will ALWAYS be.
There is One that will ALWAYS be faithful,
Even as you flee.

I’m calling to you,
Will you see…?
This one that has been spoke of,
This one is me…


Click here–> I encourage you to visit this website and see what exactly the Lord PROMISES you!

Lyrics: Here

“I cried out to the Lord because of my affliction, and He answered me.” —Jonah 2:2

The King, Our Father…

Jesus Christ ,

Is Strong Enough to help you!

There is a KING in you…
…Will you allow this king to RULE?


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