Established Colors (2016- Present Archive)

Sometimes something that was
Can speak to you through what is

Below I’ve put together a growing list of the entries here at Color In Chaos in case you desire to revisit past posts of already established colors. The posts are in chronological number according to the date they were published (it is important to note that this list will be updated with every new post).

I pray that you will enjoy these posts and that the Lord will grow and mold you more into His likeness.
Simply click on the title you would like to revisit and a new tab will open!
May we together
learn to embrace the unknown
while leaning into Who makes us whole.

1: Brave New World
2: The Farmer & The Stump
3: Through Dusk & Dawn
4: Perspectives
5: The Moon That Lingers
6: Broken Heart
7. To Miss The Forest For The Trees …
8. חֶסֶד
9. Errors
10. Appropriate Utensils
11. This Little Park, This Side of Heaven
12. The Diary of A Missionary
13. Imagine…
14. … In Restless Longing.
15. Like An Avalanche
16. Shadows & Seasons
17. Breaking Up, Breaking Down, & The Healing In Between
18. Laid Bare
19. Submerging Surrender